Taking Action On Climate PT Pamapersada Nusantara is making active efforts to combat climate change and create a better future for the next generation
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Use of Environmentally Friendly Fuel

Transitioning to these cleaner fuel options will contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly energy landscape

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Improvement on Energy Efficiency

A cornerstone of a sustainable and environmentally responsible approach to energy use to achieve the same or a higher level of performance or output

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Encourage The Transition of Eco-friendly Fuels

Advocating and promoting the adoption of biofuels as an alternative and more environmentally sustainable source of energy in various sectors, especially transportation

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Deploying Nature Based Solution

The strategic use of natural processes, ecosystems, and biodiversity to address environmental challenges and provide sustainable solutions

Renewable Energy Integration PT Pamapersada Nusantara integrates the use of renewable energy into the energy development system as a form of innovation towards a greener future.
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Solar PV Installation

Drives desire through innovation by utilizing solar PV installations to generate electricity from sunlight and encourage the use of renewable energy in all our operations

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Renewable Energy Certificate Implementation

Incentivize renewable energy generation, support the growth of the renewable energy industry, and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions

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Low Carbon of Electrical Energy Resources

Transitioning to a sustainable and low-carbon energy system and contributes to cleaner air, healthier ecosystems, and a more resilient energy infrastructure

Effective Water Management PT Pamapersada Nusantara integrates the use of renewable energy into the energy development system as an innovative step towards a greener future
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Responsible Water Usage

The mindful and sustainable use of water resources to ensure their availability for current and future generations while minimizing waste and environmental impact um

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Water Reclamation

Conserving water resources and reducing the environmental impact of wastewater discharge to enhance the sustainability of water management practices.

Recycling towards a circular economy PT Pamapersada Nusantara ensures that all aspects of its operations can have economic value and can be beneficial to the entire community.
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Cultivating Nutrient-Rich Soil Through Composting

Eco-friendly and sustainable methods of recycling organic waste by transforming organic matter, such as food scraps, yard waste, and other biodegradable materials, into a nutrient-rich fertilizer.

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Waste Bank Program

An initiative aimed at promoting waste management, recycling, and sustainability within communities. Broader efforts to encourage responsible waste management

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Transformational Asset Productivity

Enhance and optimize asset utilization and efficiency through innovations. It involves reimagining and reshaping the way assets are managed and utilized