Received awrds frm the Indonesian Association of Quality Managment at the Indonesia Quality Convention (IQC) 2011 in Balikpapan by winning :

- Gold Medal      : QCC Short 3 (PAMA-INDO)
- Bronze Medal  : QCC Silat Baskom (PAMA-ADRO)
- Silver Medal     : QCC Bravo (PAMA-KPCS)
- Silver Mdal       : SS Eddy Hartomo (PAMA-KIDE)
  (2 December 2011)

Corp. Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

As part of our social responsibility program. PAMA regularly provides support for community welfare near the mining area, such as building schools and hospitals.

Environmental Program

Environment Awareness

Ex-mining area now becomes a farm after successful rehabilitation program, answering the myth which said an ex-coal mining area would never be recovered.

Work with Pama

Work with Pama

Currently we are opening several positions for internships and senior engineering staff to supervise the field. Please check for details.