ICQCC 2012 is the Quality Innovation competition in the international level, followed by Japan, South Korea, China, Sri Lanka, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Philippine, Singapore, Indonesia and the host, Malaysia. The event is coordinated by JUSE (Japan Union Scientist & Engineer), a professional organization in Japan that initiated the beginning of the Quality Control Circle activities (QCC) in the scope of work.

With this recent achievement, PAMA showed that it has successfully maintained the gold tradition of always receiving the highest award in this event ever since its participation in 2010. Earlier in the implementation of ICQCC in the year of 2011 in Yokohama - Japan and 2010 in Hyderabad - India, PAMA was awarded with the Excellence Award.

The QCC SHORT3 team of District INDO presented its improvemens entitled "Increasing “Fifth Wheel” Lifetime to Optimize Repair and Maintenance Cost", while the QCP SEMPURNA team from District ADRO presented its innovation, entitled "Solid Mud Pumping Method to Decrease Operational Cost". Both innovations have went through rigorous selections through competitive internal conventions conducted by the district itself or PAMA Group to win the same event in the national convention.

Corp. Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

As part of our social responsibility program. PAMA regularly provides support for community welfare near the mining area, such as building schools and hospitals.

Environmental Program

Environment Awareness

Ex-mining area now becomes a farm after successful rehabilitation program, answering the myth which said an ex-coal mining area would never be recovered.

Work with Pama

Work with Pama

Currently we are opening several positions for internships and senior engineering staff to supervise the field. Please check for details.