With regards to the above and in order to support one of the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) Program, also the implementation of CSR Program on Health Affairs, PT Pamapersada Nusantara (PAMA), PT Prima Multi Mineral (PMM) and PT Kalimantan Prima Persada (KPP) have provided aid to Posyandu Harapan I, RT. 06 RW. 08 Jatinegara Village, Cakung District, East Jakarta, in the form of medical equipments, services tables and supplementary food.

The objectives of this program are :
1. To facilitate the Posyandu Harapan I Program for service improvement
2. To help government program on Mother and child health’s affair.
3. Tp implement the company’s CSR program.


The aid given was given along with the implementation of Posyandu program on Monday, January 30 th 2012. Mr. Drs Ali Wahyudin as the head village of Jatinegara on his welcome speech thanked PAMA who has helped the Posyandu. He also expects that the fostering will not only limited to providing goods but also on the independency of the Posyandu. Also the medical equipment which is already given is hoped to be used at its best advantage. The cleanliness is also a concern that is worth the attention to create a healty environment so that the society can live healty, as he mentioned in his closing speech.

Mr. Maidi Irvan, CSR Department. Head of PAMA in his speech conveys that this program is one form of the company's concern for the surrounding community, and also in order to support the MDG's programs which have already been planned. He also expressed his gratitude amongst the related parties, especially village Jatinegara and cadres of Posyandu Harapan I for their participation in supporting the CSR program of PAMA.



After the speech, the event continued with symbolic handover in the form of uniforms and medical equipment for the Posyandu cadres from PAMA. This handover was represented by Mr. Maidi Irvan from PAMA and by Mr. Dudung from PMM.

Corp. Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

As part of our social responsibility program. PAMA regularly provides support for community welfare near the mining area, such as building schools and hospitals.

Environmental Program

Environment Awareness

Ex-mining area now becomes a farm after successful rehabilitation program, answering the myth which said an ex-coal mining area would never be recovered.

Work with Pama

Work with Pama

Currently we are opening several positions for internships and senior engineering staff to supervise the field. Please check for details.