PT Asmin Bara Bronang (March 2017)

IGA Category (March 2017)


PAMA ADRO (17 Feb 2017)

(PAMA INDO. Jan, 11 2017)

1st Winner (Feb 2017)

PAMA received an acknowledgement as a Good Taxpayer for large tax payment from the Directorate General of Taxation. The Good Taxpayer Acknowledgement iss awaded by the goverment through the Minister of Finance to corporations that meet certain criteria including tax-return fillings for all taxes for the past two years, no back taxes obligations, free of any tax indictments for the pat ten years, and financial statements that have been audited by public accountants with an unqualified opinion.

InnovAstra 27 Award - SS, QCC-NT, QCC-T, QCP, BPI
Earned awards in the 27th InnovAstra Award, from Astra International by winning :

- First rank, category SS             : Nanang P. (PAMA-ADRO)
- First rank, category QCC-NT     : Black Label 3 (PAMA-KPP)
- First Rank, category QCP          : High CV 2 (PAMA-INDO)
(25 February 2011)

Astra Friendly Company Award for the category of conducting income Generating Activities Program from Astra International for the PAMA-TCMM district.

Exelent Award in International Convention on Quality Concept Circle (ICQCC) Earned awards at the international competition of ICQCC 2011 in Yokahama, Japan, by winning :
- Excelent Award : QCP HIGH CV 2 (PAMA-INDO)
- Excelent Award : QCC Danau Di Ateh (PAMA-KPCS)
  (14 September 2011)