As one of the largest mining contractor in the world, PAMA has extensive competence & thorough understanding in terms of development & operations, particularly coal which cover:

I.  Exploration

Covering geology mapping, topography mapping, drilling exploration, stockpile evaluation and feasibility study.




II.  Planning

Covering reliable engineering in terms of mining planning such as geological modeling, pit designing, production schedule, and mine sequence.



III.  Infrastructure Development

To support its mining activities, PAMA prepares main and supporting infrastructure which consist of warehouse, workshop, office, road and supporting operational equipment, hauling road, port, stock pile, and camp facilities.



Mining OperationIV.  Mining Operation

Supported by modern equipment, high dedication people, and dependable management system, mining operations are well-managed to reach production target and clients satisfaction. Mining operations covering drilling blasting, overburden removing, coal excavating coal crushing, coal hauling and shipment.



ReclamationV.  Reclamation & Re-Vegetation of ex Mining Area

In terms of mining operation, PAMA constantly puts high concern to harmony and nature continuity through reclamation and re-vegetation.





VI. Transhipment & Sales

 The process of moving coal through the two different modes of transportation in this case the transfer of coal from the mine stockyard to the barge and the barge to Mother Vessel.