changes in national circumstances last few years, especially in the era of regional otonomy has led to public demands for company to contribute more for development in region. Company puts high concern to built surrounding civilianz, has become one criteria of public assessment.

PT Pamapersada Nusantara as national company that specialize in mining contractor, long beforet he existence of public demands has been determined to be one company that can be useful for nation and country, as Catur Dharma Astra of PT. Astra Internasional as parent company.

The aim of this company is to create safety company, friendly and beneficial for the community that can support our vision; "To be a World Leader Mining Contractor with the best Productivity Engineering, Safety and Environment (Best PRESENT)‏".

The management is very aware that "Community Development" is really important, as one key to the success and sustainability of bussines. The manifestation, continuos involvement of company  together with stakeholders to participate in government's task to improve quality of main community around mining area, by enpowering the potential and culture, So that they will be independent and could get the benefit of company's existence around their place.