The Human Resources Development Program in PT PAMAPERSADA NUSANTARA is based on Competency. This means that career development does not depend on length of service, knowledge, background, gender, etc. Competency is the main consideration in all of our Human Resources Policies.

The first step of recruitment process is designed to ensure quality of attitude, logical thinking, safe behaviour and leadership.

Human Resource is considered by us to be a valuable asset for the company. We therefore not only manage effective utilization of man power but we also provide sustainable development programmes. Besides developing position-based mandatory training matrixes, we also provide specific training based on individual development plans.

Compulsory Training includes :

  • Training to form attitude
  • Training to develop logical thinking
  • Training to build supervision ability
  • Training to develop technical ability
  • Training in Safety, Health and Environmental awareness

Due to the increased competency demands on the workforce, we provide incremental training based on position. Therefore training for employees is not only focused on their present jobs, but we also invest in order to anticipate the possible future career opportunities and to increase self-value/ self-quality.

Training is based on Individual Development Plans (IDP), and consist of :

  • Training that develops professionalism
  • Advance Technical Training
  • Systems and Management Development Training

By means of the IDP planned training above, employees can optimize themselves and always keep up with what is happening both inside and outside the organization.

Career advancement opportunities are not limited to those employees in generalist functions, but are also applied to specialist functions. This is also supported by an attractive remuneration package.

Besides the Human Resources Development programmes as detailed above, PAMA also provides opportunities to students (from schools and universities) to complete practical work assignments and apprenticeships at our Head Office and Sites. The objective of these programmes is to fulfil our social responsibility and also serves as a resource for vacancies in the company, should candidates meet the company's pre-requisites. These programmes are open to all high school students as well as college / university students.

In addition to the resource development steps above, PAMA also sponsors future employees by means of temporary contracts following graduation. In order to attract potential employees, this program is run in co-operation with various educational institutions. Identified students attend special training programmes that are added to the curriculum, which ensures that they conform to the company's requirements. To qualify, students should be in the 2nd grade of SMK (Vocational High School) or graduate college / university students in their final year. Sponsorships are granted based on specific term contracts.