PT Prima Multi Mineral is subsidiary of PAMA which cooporated with PD Baramarta as PKP2B coal concession holder third generaation and also managed PAMA's concession holder such as PT. Nusantara Citra Jaya Abadi, PT. Kadya Caraka Mulia and PT. Eka Satya Yanatama.


Total coal reserve from all concession that managed by PMM is around 20 million tons coal.


Coal mining and transportation activities performed by PT. Pama Persada Nusantara which carry out by big equipment such as Komatsu PC-3000 and PC-1250 also dump truck Komatsu HD-785 and HD-465.

Coal hauling from mine to Sungai Puting port done by 20-30 tons dum truck with average hauling capacity up to 12.000 ton per day with the capabilities possessed currently company surely could achieve 3.5 million ton per year production.


PMM barging activity at Sungai Puting port supported by PT. Kalimantan Prima Persada which is subsidiary as port management of Sungai Puting port. Sungai Puting port has 4 leading conveyor which capacity between 500 to 1000 ton per hour and equipped by metal detector. Sungai Puting port accomodate 8000 ton of barge and has stockpile capacity up to 300.000 ton.


Transshipment is carried out in Taboneo as anchorage point at open sea, which distance from Sungai Puting Port is 75 nautical miles.