• For the Management of PT Pamapersada Nusantara as well as its employees, contractors, sub-contractors, and people living in the surrounding neighborhoods, Safety is an important issue.
  • Management will strive to create a safe and incident-free work environment by providing Systems, Standards, Procedures and Rules to ensure that all tasks can be conducted safely. Management believes that whilst at work every employee has the right to be protected against harm resulting from all hazards and impact emerging from their tasks.
  • As part of its business development program, Management realizes that work safety is one of the main fundamentals in every operational activity and therefore, management will strive to reach for the best in safety, health and environmental management as well as in gaining and maintaining the trust of employees, clients and the community.
  • Therefore, the Management of the Company promises to provide protection to ensure the safety of employees from work process impacts through the implementations of the Pama Safety Management and also by means of monitoring as well as evaluating the implementation level of the System to ensure that employees are safe whilst conducting their work.


  • Effective management of Occupational Health related issues is important to the management of PT. Pamapersada Nusantara, our employees, contactors, sub-contractors, the local communities, the country and also to future generations.
  • Every employee has a right to work related health treatment. The management of Pama recognizes this right and is committed to protect employees from any work related illness (occupational disease). The company will also take care of the Physical and Mental Health of employees. As an employer, Pama undertakes to provide a safe and healthy working environment by providing appropriate resources to make this possible.
  • The management recognizes that the health of employees at work takes precedence over business development program and costs. The management will therefore try to strive for the best performance in Safety, Health, and Environmental Management (SH&E) in order to earn and maintain employee confidence.
  • The management of the company is therefore committed to provide protection for health of employees against work related hazards, to make preventive actions, to take curative measures as well as to take rehabilitative action, aimed to keeping employees healthy.
  • In order to create and ensure the healthy work environment, the management will ensure that monitoring of Occupational Hygiene Factors and Sanitation is conducted, in the work environment, on and ongoing basis.


  • The environment in which we operate is important to PAMA, its employees, contractors, sub-contractors, the local communities, the state and also it will be important to the future generations.
  • Every individual has the right and entitlement to a safe, healthy and comfortable environment. PAMA recognizes this right and entitlement and is committed to maintain a safe, healthy and comfortable environment. As an employer, PAMA undertakes to provide a safe and healthy working environment by providing appropriate resources to make this possible.
  • PAMA acknowledges that Environmental Health takes precedence over developmental programs and costs. The consequence of degrading and polluting the environment is not only a financial loss to the Job Site/ Project, but could also result in possible plant, animal and human life loss and as such it is unacceptable. According PAMA aims to achieve excellence in Safety, Health and Environmental Management and to earn retain community confidence.
  • The Company Management is therefore committed to implement a comprehensive Environmental Management Plan to ensure that a safe, healthy and comfortable environment is maintained and that employees are kept informed of their environmental responsibilities.