KPP provides contract mining services ranging from pit to port as well as offers benefit to the stakeholders that unlock new source of added value for mining owners who collaborate with KPP, they are:

Mining owner.

Through efficient and proportional mining development under beneficial partnership.

Port users

. Through high quality stockpile of coal and affordable cost.

Coal buyers.

  Through coal delivery timeliness and high quality accordance with the contracts.

Currently KKP is focused on an integrated mining sector ranging from:  

  1. Exploration and feasibility study with accurate and best results.
  2. International- software-standard-base mining plan and design.
  3. Effective and efficient mining operations.
  4. Coal processing and operation supported by a set of modern equipment to produce the best quality of coal.
  5. Coal transporting.
  6. Coal shipment.
  7. Sales and marketing.